Syhem Belkhodja

Artist, choreographer, director of four festivals (Tunis Capital of Dance, International Documentary Film Festival, Fashion & Design Carthage, Al-Kalimat) and two schools (the School of Arts and Cinema and the Mediterranean Centre for Contemporary Dance), Syhem Belkhodja is driven by the desire to promote the development of Tunisia in different artistic fields, linking artistic and educational objectives through teaching, creation, and advocacy.

Artist's Events

An Evening
with Syhem Belkhodja

Tue, Oct 2
FIAF Le Skyroom

Tunisian-French choreographer and activist Syhem Belkhodja discusses how she uses movement to empower youth, combat violence, and effect social change.
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Bridging Symposium
Performing the Collective

Sun, Oct 7

This series of dialogues featuring Syhem Belkhodja and guest artists and cultural theorists explores the North African and African-American contexts with regard to youth, performance, and community.
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